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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.
ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgPart 9 What Is The Hum?
What Is The Hum?
chemtrails are demonic
This is the hum. It is a demonic entity, present in the spirit world, physically manifested in our world as a demonic cloud mass.
Revelation 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.  

Many people report hearing a low level "hum" all over the world. It can sound like a diesel engine, electricity, machinery or bass that is just in the range of audibility. With the Lord's help, this page exists to teach people what the hum is, and what to do about it. If you can hear the hum, rejoice, God has called you and you may not know it. You are hearing into the spirit, and it is a call to battle. If you accept the call, you will be part of the Lord's end-time army here on earth.
So just what is the hum? The hum is demonic. The Hum occurs when the demonic principalities, powers, and demonic spirits are nearby you in your home, car, workplace, etc.
The Hum is not always heard audibly, especially if you are outside, but for some reason it is much more audible when you are inside, and even more so if you have have a multi story apartment or house, it seems the higher up you go inside, the more apparent it is.
This seems to be God's provision for us, a form of protection. When we are outside, we can see the demonic cloud masses move in and know to pray against them. But when we are inside, and can't see the sky, or at night when we are in our homes, we can't see the sky, and don't know if the enemy is approaching.
That is the purpose of the hum, to alert God's children that the demonic enemy is at the gates. There is only one solution to the hum, and that is prayer and spiritual warfare. As Paul says, we must put on the armor of God, and pray without ceasing.

It is important to understand that the demonic realm is attacking you through the Hum.

The hum is putting demons into people at night, creating health problems, mental, spiritual, and emotional problems, draining energy, and all sorts of wickedness. You are most vulnerable at night while you are sleeping, and the witches and occult, satanic and demonic realm is working. The only way to live a victorious life is through Jesus Christ, and to not be ignorant of Satan's devices.

When you sleep at night, it is important to protect yourself with the Holy Spirit, God's provision for these times, anointed Olive Oil. Read more about it here.
What should I do if I hear the Hum?
There is only one course of action that is suitable, and that is attack attack attack, or be attacked.
The following images are examples of demonic cloud masses. They are sprayed by the chemtrail planes (demons), and are the physical manifestation of demonic spirits in your area. If you see these, you know that your area is under heavy attack by satan, his demons, and the satanists, covens, and witches in your area. There is a link between the hum and the demonic cloud masses. The hum can be heard day and night, if the demonic cloud masses are present.

Again, the demonic cloud mass is a physcial manifestation of something in the spiritual realm which we cannot see with our eyes, but the Lord is good, and has warned us through the hum that the enemy is at the gates. If you don't want to be sick, tired, and defeated in your day, you must begin to pray against these any time you see them visually, or audibly (hear the hum).
chemtrails are demonic anim

chemtrail examples
chemtrails are demonic

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