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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.

ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgPart 14 Vectors of Demonic Attack

Vectors of Demonic Attack  
This section is about vectors of attack, or how the satanic realm, human and demonic, can attack you in your life. The more you are doing to serve the Lord, the greater the attack you will be under. Satanists get their assignments from the demons, and satan, and are ordered to attack certain people, even if they don't really want to. If you are tired, sick, and beaten down, chances are good (if you are not living in sin) that you have one or more of these in your life. The following are not necessarily always vectors of attack, but can be used by the demonic realm against you at certain times. It is best to be aware of these and if you are suffering heavy demonic attacks, or have unexplained health issues, to take steps to remove these from your life.

Satanists use "transmutable material" to cast spells, they use satanic powers of nature, earth, air, fire, and water. Most of these vectors fall under one of these categories. Basically, satanists, witches, and the human members of the dark kingdom perform magick and rituals in order to place demons in your environment. The large occult companies will put demons in things like music, common household items, cleaning products, and more. The ultimate goal here is to gain control over you, in a covert way, and if you are a Christian, to oppress, and suppress you and keep you sick, tired, and ineffective at serving the Lord.

Please note, these things are not always demonically charged, but can be used by the enemy in certain cases. Take a conservative approach if you are experiencing any kind of demonic attacks or health issues in your life.

"Witches love to feed you." Both in the natural and spiritual realms. Have you had a dream where you were eating or someone offered you food? That is likely a satanic attack. When you wake up, pray: "Father, I vomit everything I ate in the dream, and break every hex, vex, curse, hoodoo, voodoo, witchcraft or demonic attack by the blood of Jesus." Not taking time to do this can result in problems later.

Witches and the demonic can attack in your dreams (the spirit world) and do dirty things to you, making you have unclean dreams, wet dreams, and if they can, they will even have sex with you. If you are experiencing demonic or other attacks at night, the best defense against this is to liberally anoint your groin, anus, between you thighs and on your private areas with oil before sleep, asking the Lord to bless and anoint with the Holy Spirit.

Cell phones
Cell phones seem to be a vector of attack for several reasons. First is the soul tie that can be exploited with the camera on the phone. Second, the phone itself is a gateway and portal, like a tv or computer screen, and things can travel in and out. Many of the icons on our phones from the number buttons to the websites we visit have demonic elements that can place demonic influence in your life.

Cameras may be the number one way that the satanists in the world can exploit the soul tie, through taking a photo of you. Almost all phones and tablets are starting to be manufactured with a front and back facing camera these days. When a photo exists and you have not broken the soul tie, a gap is made in your God give hedge of protection and you are vulnerable to attack. The issue here is, we never know when someone has taken a photo of us, so praying to cut ungodly soul ties should be done as part of daily prayers and anytime you are not feeling well.


Front facing laptop cameras, phone cameras, and cameras on other devices that are not in use should be covered with black electrical tape to reduce the number of soul ties that can be created.
Circle Computer Icons
In the last few years almost all of the internet, phone and computer icons went from squares or rectangles to circles. Why? Not because of some new design fad, but because the magic circle is a vector for witches, demons and spells to attack you from. When you press the circles with certain symbols, bad things happen.

The image on the left is the old style of UI where buttons were mostly rounded squares and rectangles, sometime around 2013 everything (not just Apple products but the web as well) all seemed to switch to the circle buttons.

Candles and Incense
Candles and Incense are often manufactured by satanists and have no place in the Christian home.

At certain times, sounds can be used to attack you. Fireworks, especially the ones that are sold at stands on New Years and the 4th of July. The beep beep of unlocking your car, or cars around you. Creepy ice cream truck sounds, extra loud clocks, sounds of hospital phones. The sound some of the new washer and dryers make. Birds continually chirping in your direction or outside your window or house. Cars and motorcycles ripping by with loud exhaust sounds, ambulances, can all be used as vectors to send demons your way. If you are hearing lots of these things in your neighborhood continually, you may be under attack. Monitor how you are feeling in relationship to the things in your environment and pray accordingly (effective prayer in this case would be defensive, to cut soul ties, silver cords, and curse break until you feel better).

Signs and symbols
Especially the logos on many products. The Target logo, Walmart logo, Hilton logo are big ones, but nearly all companies have recently re-designed their logos to have an occult, satanic power. The excellent work of The Open Scroll [youtube] does a great job of explaining how the logos are actually demonic.

Certain numbers and combinations of numbers are a form of portal. 666 is the most obvious, but there are others. 13, 33, 66, 322 (Skull and Bones) and more. If these are on things in your home, then you have a vector of attack there.Certain numbers are upside down (in satanism, things are frequently done backwards - they want to do everything opposite of what the Lord commands. Did you ever wonder why prices frequently end in .99? It's not to make things look cheaper, .99 is 66 backwards. 9.99 is a common price, but that's actually 666 you just brought in your home. It sounds unreal, but it is the truth.

Airplanes and helicopters (not airplanes, but demons)
Some things in the sky today are not actually real, but demonic. Somehow they have the ability to display themselves as very convincing holograms, see Project Bluebeam. It's interesting to note that Serge Monast who was investigating Bluebeam died of a heart attack with no preexisting condition of heart problems. It's likely he was killed by witches, if he knew about spiritual warfare, he might have survived. All he had to do was loose angels to cut the sliver cords and curse break. (see macros). What's really behind these things are the white orbs, which are probably the thousand points of light that George Bush spoke of during his presidency. The thousand points of light are the demons, from Lucifer, who presents himself as an angel of light.

Cleaning supplies, soap, etc.
Demons can be placed in cleaning supplies, soaps, paper towels, bathroom products, etc. Some of the patterns on toilet paper which you wipe with is demonic. Ask the Lord to apply the blood of Jesus (macro: all) before wiping or blowing your nose with tissue, especially when you are in a public place.

Pharmaceuticals, Drugs
Drugs are by definition, witchcraft in the Bible. The Lord has given us everything we need to be healthy if we are serving him. Some Christians think that God is putting them through a test with sickness like cancer, heart attack, etc, and maybe on special occasions that is the case for some purpose we don't know about, but mostly it seems like the Lord intends for his children to be of good health. Pharmaceutical companies profit on keeping people sick and dependent on drugs so they can make more money, instead of putting the patient first, which in itself is demonic. The love of money is what has hurt so many people in this world, and as Jesus said, is the root of all evil.

Chips and Implants
RFID chips have been shown to have a demonic component, like the kind that is now in all of the new credit cards. Satanists will, if they have the opportunity, put some kind of implant in you if you are a target. For example, if you are in the hospital, and they are on the staff, you might get an implant during your surgery or at other times.


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