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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.

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The Sun

If you study the demonic chemtrails and clouds long enough, a pattern becomes apparent. They are primarily interested in blocking the sun. This seems to be the main objective of both the chemtrails and the demonic clouds. The demonic clouds are drawn, almost magnetically, towards the sun. What is it about the sun that attracts them so much?

chemtrails are demonic cover sun

The Sun as a Power Source
It seems that these demonic entities thrive on and are energized by the sun. Have you ever walked outside on a dreary day when the chemtrails were covering the sky, and you felt depressed? Conversely, when the sun is shining and not hindered by these things, have you noticed that you feel much better? These demonic entities are stealing the goodness and blessings that come from the sun, intended by God for you and your family and community, and are stealing it for their own use. It appears that they are harvesting, or vampiring, the energy from the sun in the same way that demons in people vampire energy from their hosts.

If you observe the demonic chemtrails spraying throughout the day, they spray in such a way that they can maximize the blocking of the suns rays. At noon, they spray directly overhead, where the sun is. Near sunset, they are primarily focused in the west, where the sun is setting. It seems that they try to maximize their coverage of the suns rays throughout the day.
The effect of this spray is the accumulation of demonic clouds, which seem to have an intelligence, and have the ability to re-group into a larger mass. If you have ever seen the children's animation called "Big Hero 6," there is something in that film called "micro-bots" which very closely resembles what the demonic clouds do. They spray the components, but eventually, they all mass together, forming a larger demonic entity. This is just a rough analogy, but the idea is that they spray the pieces, and they eventually come together to form a larger whole.
The Demonic Presence Grows Stronger Daily
Every day that goes by that you do not pray against the demonic chemtrails, clouds, and hum, these entities grow stronger in our world. While they are covering the sun, they seem to be growing in strength and numbers. Much like a garden overrun with weeds, they have taken over our skies. If no one prays against them, then the weeds eventually take over the garden, and the good plants die, unable to compete with the invaders who are taking all of their resources.
Satanic Distractions, No Answers
The average person has no idea what is happening over their heads. Few even take notice, because today so many are preoccupied with the Satanic music, movies, and entertainment that is pumped into our lives daily. People are so busy with their phones and their own devices that they forget to look up. Many people seem to be under a kind of Satanic apathy, or mind control. Those that do look up may be frustrated, because they have no idea what to do about this situation. There seems to be no help, not from governments of the world, or anywhere else. Surely, the governments of the world have the resources to study and understand what is going on, but it is likely that they may be part of the problem, which is why they will not offer solutions. Governments seek to control their populations, and the occult offers the very finest form of control available. Thankfully, the Lord has shown that spiritual warfare prayers, specifically rapidly binding demons and loosing God's angels to attack through shorthand prayers and praying without ceasing, is the solution to this problem.
Defend the Sun at All Costs
When you set out to take back your sky through prayer to Jesus Christ, the sun should be your primary object to defend. If you can keep the sun clear from these demonic entities through prayer, you will be making a huge difference. Think of a battle where the sieging army is trying to take a key resource that is critical to the survival of the nation under attack. The sun would be the equivalent of that resource.

Defense of the sun is critical to diminishing the demonic presence in our world. Every day, you should be very concerned with the sky, but foremost, the sun. Are they blocking the sun?

That means that if they are spraying all around you, and there are many, many planes to attack, focus on defending the sun first. Bind and loose angels around the sun rapidly until the demonic clouds are defeated. They will literally melt away, and the sun will be free from the demonic clouds.

If you are indoors with windows and you notice that the sun's light level has decreased outside, mentally think of the sun, and rapidly bind and loose using shorthand prayers around the sun. You will notice that the light level increases over time.

To repeat, the sun should be the primary object to defend in the sky. If you can cut off their source of power, these things will begin to diminish and die off. Bind and loose rapidly into and around the sun to keep the demonic presence from stealing the blessings coming from the sun that God intended for you and your family.

Why we pray without ceasing


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