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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.
ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgPart 12 Soul Ties
Soul Ties and How to Break Them
The chemtrails seem to exploit the soul tie, something God intended for good, but the satanic realm has used for evil. You need to learn about soul ties and how to break them.

1 Samuel 18:1 And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

Soul ties are formed between people, living things, and photos. This is the primary thing satanists and the demonic realm use to hurt you that you may have no idea about, and they exploit that lack of knowledge to their advantage. If they can take your photo, they can post it online to all their satanic friends, and they can all send curses to you through the photo. You may not even know they have done this, but if you start to feel ill, dizzy, or have trouble breathing and anxiety, it is likely because a witch is attacking you through a soul tie. You can break curses all day long, but until the soul tie is broken, you won't get relief. You need to break the soul tie, then the curses. Pray with macros, "soul tie, silver cord, curse break" repeating until you feel better, because the curses may be coming from multiple sources, and you have no idea how many there might be.
That means when you shake someone's hand, or go to get a massage, or lay hands on someone, or have intimate relations with someone, you pick up a soul tie with them. It doesn't have to be a long contact, it can be momentary, and the link can be formed because Satan and satanists are exploiting something God intended for good to control people. Just think, a sweet Christian family walking into a place and shaking hands with a bunch of satanists (unknown to the family). Afterwards, they can wreak havoc in that families life because they didn't understand this important information. Truly, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

The number one way people are getting soul ties is through photos and camera phones, laptop cameras, CC TV cameras on the street, facebook, etc.
The witches are having a great time because they can gain a degree of control over you through a soul tie, and it is a vector for them to attack you with. It seems like more than for security purposes, the CCTV cameras exist to attack certain people through soul ties, once you understand the spiritual reality.

The best thing you can do to cut down on soul ties is to cover all of your camera phones, laptops, etc. with a piece of black electrical tape.

To protect yourself, it is advisable to not share your photos online if at all possible, and remove the ones that are there.

As a precaution, it is a good idea to add some spiritual cleanup components to you daily prayer routine. It never hurts to pray this prayer multiple times a day, maybe in the morning and at night, or anytime you start to not feel well.

The essence of the soul tie is in this scripture:

Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. 2 Corinthians 6:17

You cannot come out from among them and be separate if you are soul tied to even one wordly thing, there will still be bondage, and they will still be able to negatively influence you, and you will not hear God's voice cleary. They must all be renounced and broken. This may take a while, but is worth the effort.

So all the men of Israel were gathered against the city, knit together as one man. Judges 20:11

That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ. Colossians 2:2

These scriptures highlight what happens in the spirit realm when people are together. In the spiritual realm, bonds form. This is why God was so careful about the Israelites not associating or even being near the demonically driven tribes. Did you ever wonder why God had them kill the animals? Soul ties can be formed between people and animals, and animals can harbor evil spirits, which can then go into you.

The goal is to only be knit to other true Christians, which will strengthen you. If you are knit to 10 worldly people and 2 Christians, you are going to be facing an uphill battle, and likely won't be victorious and may not be a Christian on fire for the Lord for very long, which is what Satan wants.

And not holding the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God. Colossians 2:19

In this scripture, we see that the body of Christ is knit together in the spirit realm. You do not want the body of Christ to be knit with the body of Satan.

A basic soul tie prayer has the following components:

1) I ask that all soul ties between me and (person, place, thing) will be completely cut and destroyed with the Sword of the Spirit.
2) Seal them with the Blood of Jesus
3) Ask for everything of (person, place, thing) deposited in you (mind, will, emotions, memory, body, soul, spirit) to be completely removed and scrubbed clean
4) Ask for everything that (person, place, thing) has of yours (spiritual gifts, virtues, things known and unknown) be restored to you
5) Loose sufficent angles to do this rapidly and continusously until it is accomplished
6) In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

Satan is exploiting your soul ties to bring sickness, mental distress, and opression into your life. Do you hear voices in your head? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you have strange things happening in your room at night? Much of this is due to an ungodly soul tie between you and a person, place, or thing.

Be as specific as possible. Take the time to be thorough with this and much freedom will result.

If you are a new Christian, the first think you may realize when you consider soul ties is just how entrenched in the world you were. All of these things need to be renounced for your spiritual growth and freedom. If you are a long time Christian, it is equally important to do these prayers. Satan has brought much into the Christian arena that brings us into bondage, including CCM music.

Soul Ties with the Internet and Social Media
When the internet is referred to as the "Web," it is a fitting description of what is happening to you in the spiritual realm. Most people have no idea what soul ties are, and do not realize that when they "Friend" and "Like" something, they are forming a soul tie in the spirit realm with those people and things. If you are subscribed to a Youtube channel, cut soul ties with the people and name of the channel. If you have followers and fans, cut soul ties with everyone who was following you. Examples: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn.

It is safest to not use any form of social media. Do you know all of the people in your internet connections? Do you know what they are really like or really do? Do you know all the people they are connected to? That means you do not have a profile on social sites if you are serious about serving the Lord to avoid contamination.

When you have a profile on these sites, you are forming a soul tie with the website and the people on the website, and specifically anyone you are connected to on the site. This can bring you under tremendous pyhsical, mental, and spiritual bondage and control from outside sources. Before deleting and removing your profile, make a list of the names who you have been "friends" and "connected" to and the things that you have "liked" and add them to the renounce list below to make sure all connections are completely severed.

These are some categories for consideration. There are probably many more.

Soul Ties with Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, and Dr. Offices
Think of all the doctors, dentists, nurses, and medical practicioners who have helped you over the years. There is really no reason to have a soul tie with these people, but you have formed one in the doctor patient relationship, and until you break it, they will still be there. All soul ties here should be broken.

Soul Ties with Past Romantic Relationships

Soul Ties with Past Schools and Colleges, Extracurricular Groups, Teachers and Instructors

Soul Ties with Fraternities, Sorrorities, Clubs

Soul Ties with Past Workplaces and Co-Workers

Soul Ties with Masonic Groups, Boy Scouts, Etc.

Soul Ties with Past Friendships and Relationships

Soul Ties with Books and Magazines
Especially any ungodly things, such as adult magazines, or magazines like Maxim for men, and Vogue for women.

Soul Ties with Movies
If you really want to be clean, list all the movies you have seen. This may take some time, but is worth the effort. The following will give you a good start:

All movies with magic, occult, witchcraft
All horror movies
All Disney movies, especially Frozen.
All Star Wars movies
All Star Trek movies
All Harry Potter movies
All movies with foul language and content

Soul Ties with Music, Albumns, Musicians, Bands, and Groups.
This is incredibly important. "Music is a spell and every witch knows it."
It is worth listing all mainstream music here, since nearly everything has been compromised in some way.

Soul Ties with Places
Theme parks, such as Disneyland, Disneyworld, Epcot, Universal Studios, to name a few. Anywhere where sinful activies are engaged in. Bars, strip clubs, etc.

Others: Pharmecutical Companies, Medications, Animals and Pets (all types).

A detailed prayer to cut soul ties, extremely thorough and effective:

Lord, I pray you will forgive my sins, for things done and undone, known and unknown, in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask that all soul ties, attachments, connections, bands, bonds, chains, cords, wires, pipes, and anything that links me with the following (now known as Connections): people, items, entertainment, movies, games, tv shows, music, productions, things, all people who worked on the productions and products, all people who work at the places, and all entities attached to them, be they, human, spirit, witch, warlock, satanist, Satan, occultist, spirit, things known and unknown, I ask that they will now be permanently severed and cut with the sword of the Spirit and sealed with the Blood of Jesus, so that they can never be re-opened again. I ask that this severing and sealing occur in the natural, in the spirit, and in every other realm, known and unknown.


I pray that all Connections between Me and

(list specific name, item, place, company - if done well, this may be a huge, multi page list.)

will be destroyed in Jesus name.


Lord, I ask that everything that the aforementioned have deposited, inserted, and placed in Me, including my body, soul, and spirit, mind, will, emotions, memory, conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious mind (now known as Me), I pray that these things will be permanently removed by your angels.

I ask that all things of mine, including all stolen and forfitted physical and spiritual property, destiny, virtues, gifts, things known and unknown, in any realm, held by the aforementioned, I ask that they will be returned to Me now.

As it concerns people who I have had sexual relationships with, masturbated to, had sexual fantasies and or dreams about, and all who have had filthy dreams and fantasies about me and spiritual encounters with me, I specifically ask that all connections between these individuals and all of their associated sexual and other partners, past, present, and future, will be cut as well so that they have no connection to me.

I also ask that all secondary, tertiary, all the way down the line, ties to friends of friends, family, and all other ties and all indirect ties be completely severed as well.

I loose sufficient angles to rapidly and continuously perform these actions now until I am scrubbed clean of all past negative ungodly influences and connections. Please cleanse and scrub my mind, will, emotions, memory, conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious mind of all evil voices, influences, and residue. Please restore my soul and anything that has been taken from me.

I now break all curses that have come upon me from being associated with the aforementioned with the blood of Jesus. I now break the power of all incantations, rituals, and evil practices associated with the aforementioned over me with the blood of Jesus.

Lord, please set me apart from the world and make me clean in body, soul, and spirit. Set me apart for you and your work. I thank you and praise you Lord for the freedom that will result.
Lord, I pray that the Holy Spirit would please continue to bring to mind things that you would have me to add to this list for my complete and total freedom in the future by bringing to mind faces, names, and anything you would have me to renounce. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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