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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.

ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgPart 15 Satanists
Understanding Satanists and How They Work
Satan, the demons, and the satanists greatest power is secrecy, and you not knowing they exist and are actively working against you.
Satanists are people who use demons to manipulate, control, prey on and hurt other people. They target the weak and the helpless, and those who don't have anyone to stand up for them as their primary targets. It is critical to understand that without their demons, satanists have absolutely no power. The power comes entirely from the demonic realm. They work from the shadows in secret and are in your neighborhoods, grocery stores, schools, doctors offices, and especially your churches. They are fully integrated into all realms of life, but you will never know they are there openly. They are not afraid to pose as a Christian, and will put crosses on their cars and wear them around their necks to give you a false sense of trust and security about them. Satanists and the demons take everything God intended for good and mess it up. No wonder Lucifer was thrown down from Heaven. God alone is good.
If you are living in God's will, serving him and living a holy life, the windows of opportunity for attack on your life, family, and property are greatly reduced, however they can still occur. If you are in any way effective in serving God, then you will be their primary target, and they will try all the more to destroy you, they get their assignments from the demons. God's word says "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." You are not fully protected until you learn about spiritual warfare, and equip yourself for the battle daily. An excellent daily prayer for protection can be found here.

The satanists main goal is to insert demonic influence into your life as a form of control without you knowing about it. They do this by putting demons into the things you bring into your home and on things in the places you go to. The demons main goal is to get you to commit a sin that you would not ordinarily commit. Satan's ultimate goal is to kill, steal and destroy you, so that you will not live to declare the works of the Lord.

One way they do this is through putting part of them into you. They can use a substance from demons, called "ectoplasm," which gives them a soul tie, from which they can attack you.

"Witches love to feed you." This is why it is critical to pray over everything that goes into your body, not just the food. Vitamins, health supplements, pills, drinks and water, if it goes in, it needs to be prayed over. This is an area that many people fail at.
How do we pray properly over our food? The bible tells us, 1 Timothy 4:5 "For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer."

A good prayer for food used to be something like this. "Lord, thank you for this food, please bless it to the nourishment of our bodies, sanctify it, and set it apart in Jesus mighty name." The key components are acknowledging that the Lord is the provider and giving thanks, and then asking him to cleanse it.

The critical component that people miss here is they stop with blessing. Today, the food supply is dangerous. You don't know if it's genetically modified, if it has been sacrificed to idols, or if someone has cursed it on it's way to the grocery store. Some witches go through the grocery stores cursing all the food! This means that extra steps are necessary in order to avoid these potential pitfalls. If you are under attack by the dark kingdom, there are more steps that need to be taken if you want to avoid serious health problems. If it goes in your mouth (food or drink) it's a good idea to take these steps. You never know who cursed your food on its way to you, or what might be in it, but the Lord promises to prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies, and he never breaks his promises, but, like salvation, we have to appropriate it. Blessing the food alone DOES NOT bind the demons that may already be in it. Blessing the food DOES NOT break soul ties with substances witches or other people may have put in your food to create a soul tie with you.

First, cut every soul tie in the food between the human and the demonic.

Second, bind every demon in the food.

A more complete prayer for food would include these components: binding demons, cutting soul ties, blessing, covering in the blood of Jesus:

Lord, I bind every demon in this food in Jesus name. I cut every soul tie with the human and demonic in this food now in Jesus name. Lord, thank you for this food, I pray that you would bless it in Jesus name, please cover it in the blood of Jesus.

Astral Projection
Satanists use astral projection (or soul travel, or remote viewing) as a primary mode of transportation. If you are not a Christian, and do not have God's hedge of protection, they can astral project right into your bedroom and night and give you a nasty dream, and wreak all sorts of havoc on your life. How do we pray against this astral projection? "Lord, please cut every ungodly silver cord here in Jesus mighty name."

Satanists love to use animals as vehicles for their work. Some might say, no, that could never be. Not true at all, they can insert fragments of themselves or their demons into your pets, and even the smallest fly on the wall. But fear not, prayer can overcome all these things. How do we pray to clean up our animals? "Lord, please loose your angels to restore the soul of [animal(s)] name, and remove any soul fragments that should not be there. Please fill them with the Holy spirit, and cover them with the blood of Jesus."

Satanists also use things like flies (remember, who the lord of the flies is) to curse you. Birds, cats, frogs, crows, and owls are used frequently. For example, a backyard that was once swarming with animals suddenly became vacant after asking the Lord to cut every ungodly silver cord and blow up walls of protection.

Chips and Implants
Satanists like to put things in you that give them control over you, and insert demonic influence in your life. This can be in the form of a chip or an implant. Fear not, the Lord says. He has made provision for this as well. How do we pray against these things? "Lord, please remove, dissolve, neutralize, and nullify anything that the enemy has put in my body that is not of you. I don't know what might be there, but you do, and I am trusting you and the cleansing power of Jesus blood to remove them." For more good info on this and more, visit

Music, Spells and the Demonic Beat
"Music is a spell and every witch knows it." Music is a primary way for demonic influence to get into your life. Sorry, but CCM (contemporary Christian music) is just as bad as the mainstream music in most cases. This is not an area you want to take risks with, being conservative is the best way to go. We have to be extremely careful what we listen too. The old hymns and songs are the safest bet. God is not the author of confusion. If what you are listening too doesn't give you peace in your soul, it's a good indication it's not of God. Even still, there is some peaceful music that is highly demonic, much newage music falls into this category.

Have you noticed a repeating theme in popular music today? The theme is repeated over and over. It goes something like this "I want to loose control." That's right, witches, demons, and Satan want you to loose control, and they want to take over control. But God does not intend for us to be remote controlled by other people.

Spell Casting
Most people would have no idea that a witch is putting a curse, incantation, or spell on them. The spell is always executed by a demon. How can you detect when someone is cursing you? Do you remember the old tv show, I Dream of Genie, when she wiggled her nose? It can be that simple. Spell casting must be done through physical movement, so it could be someone coughing in your direction, make a hand gesture, playing with their hair, anything that moves in your direction as a vector of attack. You need to be alert at all times when out in public and be aware of who is making hand gestures, tapping, scratching or even wiggling their tongue as they approach you.

Mind Control, Remote Control, and Soul Fragments
Satanists want to insert a fragment of their soul into yours, which gives them control over you at critical times. Have you ever said to yourself, "I just wasn't acting myself today" or "I can't believe I said that." Well, it's likely a form of remote control by the demonic realm. This is form of mind control that has been turned into an occult science, finely tuned and widely implemented. All they have to do is pat you on the back, and it is done, but you can break it through prayer.

Signs and Symbols
Satanists place demonic signs and symbols in places where people frequent most to put demonic influence and remote control into their life. Besides the signs that they place on bus stops, x's on power poles, etc, the high ranking witches in the large corporations have made sure that we all have demonic influence in our life through corporate logos.

Harvesting Energy
Satanists and witches need to harvest energy, like a vampire draining their victim, in order to gain more power. They like to frequent places such as gyms, where they can prey on many people at one time. When you go to public places like this, make sure you are prayed up and have your spiritual armor on, and be alert at all times if anything feels wrong. Many aches and pains and breathing difficulties in public gyms are satanic attacks.

Your TV, computer, phone, car gps.

Demonically Charged Objects
A satanist would love to give you a gift that you bring into your home. Do you remember in the old testament how the Israelites brought the cursed object into the camp, and they were cursed? It's the same thing. You may have a spiritually clean home, but if they can give you a gift, or place an item in your home, they have just put a portal in your life for the demonic to gain access. Beware any gifts that people give you, especially food items.

How Demons gain Entrance, your Gates
You have gates in your body which the demons use to gain entrance. The demons don't have physical bodies and seem to be in torment until they can find one to inhabit. Don't let it be yours or your families. Your body belongs to you, and no one else (witch or demon).

Your gates include your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, anus, and male and female parts. The best way to protect your gates is to take some olive oil, ask the Lord to bless it, break curses, and ask Him to anoint with the Holy Spirit. Then apply it to the different gates and any area where you are experiencing health issues. Finally, it is extremely beneficial to drink a few tablespoons (more if you have some internal problems, like cancer or other illness). You will see huge health improvements as the Holy Spirit protects your gates, cleans out demonic infestations internally, and many fewer stray spirits will gain entrance into your body (or temple).

Movies and Media, the Eye Gate, Ear Gate
Demons can gain access through the eyes and ears when we watch movies, TV shows, or other content that is evil. This is why it is important to be very careful what we watch and listen too
and pay for protection when we do watch things.
Pornography, Soul Ties and Demons
If you watch pornography, you form a soul tie with the people in the video, and if they are a satanist (many are) you get a whole lot of trouble in your life. You will get some sex spirits which are extremely difficult to be rid of. Japanese animated pornography (and much anime in general) is especially demonic and to be avoided at all costs.

Sex and the Dung gate, Water Gate
Many demons are transferred when you have sexual relations of any form, but the worst is anal sex. Not only do you pick up soul ties with the person you have relations with, but with everyone else they have ever had relations with. This is why people must learn about breaking soul ties in order to free themselves from the devils prison. Many of God's chosen people are in prison, and they don't even know it.

Soul Ties and Your Photos and Camera Phones
A soul tie exists between you and your photos, and witches and satanists can exploit these ties to control you.

Tattoos, Piercings, Scarring
When you get a tattoo or piercing, you are getting many demons, and soul ties with the tattoo artist, who in many cases is a satanist. Reports of tattoo ink being cursed by witches and satanists are common. It seems that satanists want to set up tattoo parlors as a form of remote controlling people. You are creating a portal directly on your body for the demons to attack you from. This is why the Lord warned against these things. The same goes for other forms of body mutilation, they are all demonically inspired.

Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, False Religions
Yoga is a demonic religion, and Christians can do yoga if they are ok with opening doorways to the demonic in their lives. Otherwise, it should be avoided at all costs. Every religion that doesn't confess Jesus Christ as Lord is a false, demonically inspired religion to lead people away from the true God, and a chance to have eternal life with him. The demons really want to take you to hell with them and will do everything they can to deceive you.

Doctors and Prescription Drugs
The medical industry seems to have many satanic roots, where the goal is to make profit rather than heal people. Anytime money is put above human health and life, the demonic realm is involved.

Marijuana and Drugs
There is no question the push to legalize Marijuana comes from the demonic realm, because it opens a huge doorway into your life for them to come in and wreck it. Other drugs as well, and Marijuana is just the gateway to those things which can ruin your life and possibly kill you. No surprise, the thief comes not but to kill, steal and destroy. What most people don't realize is the "destroy" part here is eternal, in hell.

Alcohol and Spirits
Did you ever wonder why the liquor stores call it "wine and spirits" ? When you pick up a bottle of alcohol, you get more than you bargained for. Spirits, demonic spirits, will gladly attach themselves to you when you start drinking with an assignment to wreck your life, and hopefully make you a completely non-functioning alcoholic who can do nothing to server the Lord with their lives. Just because you think you can handle your alcohol now doesn't mean that you will in the future. The demons wait for just the right moment to take you out.

Satanists in Your Churches
It's critical to understand, especially if you are a pastor or work at a church, that Satanists have likely been assigned to your congregation to do as much damage as possible. If you pastor a church that preaches the true gospel of Christ, you can count on having a few in your congregation. The best way to deal with it is to start teaching true spiritual warfare to your congregation, binding and loosing, and attack every spirit in the church that is not of God. You can sit quietly in the church and pray the macros on this page and be very effective at rooting them out.

The False Church of Christ
Some quick checks, if your church never mentions sin, hell, repentance, saved by grace and the blood of Jesus alone, uses modern bible versions, plays Christian rock concerts, then it's a fake church. Your church should be talking about all these things, if not you should ask why, and find a new church (these days, it can be difficult).

How to Spot a Satanist
The most obvious way to spot a satanist is when they have tattoos that have satanic content on them. A frequent location for these types of tattoos is the neck near the top of the spine. Most people don't put pentagrams on themselves unless they are working for Satan. However, it's very important to understand that the sweetest, nicest person at your work or church may be one and you would never know in a million years. Some are easy to pick out, others not so much. The one true way to know for sure is to ask them to get involved in deliverance and casting out demons and see what the response is, no satanist wants to loose their prized demons, which is their source of power.

Demonically Inspired Psychology and Self Help Movement
Did you know that the two fathers of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, were into the occult? Doctrines of demons have resulted, and that's why we have such a mess of modern psychology and self help today. There is no therapist that can actually help you, unless it involves the wonderful counselor, Jesus Christ.

Demons in the Air and on the Things We Touch
Satanists can put demons into the air we breathe, resulting in physical problems, shortness of breath, which may then turn into anxiety because it is difficult to tell where the attack is coming from. Likewise, they can put demons on objects and they will stay there until the time you come around to attack you.

Transferring demons, massages, shaking hands, laying on of hands, etc.
So many situations can transfer demons unless you are spiritually covered by God's protection, primarily the blood of Jesus. Just before going to shake someones hand, pray quickly and plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and the other person, which will stop any transfer from occurring.

If you are getting a massage, it's extremely important to pray for protection first. People in these fields (ie. massage therapists, hair dressers, etc.) need to be especially careful to pray and do spiritual cleanup on a daily basis due to the high volume of people they come into physical contact with every day, and it is nearly impossible to tell who is a satanist.

Even (and especially) in church, you need this protection at the greeting time, or if someone will lay hands on you, which many witches will exploit the opportunity to prey on unsuspecting Christians who are not trained in spiritual warfare.

Satanic workers that visit your house
Your cable guy, the lawn man, repair men, electricians, can all be working for Satan, and you would never know. If they can gain access to your house, they can leave things there, demonically charged objects, or hide something in your house you may never find, and you life can become chaotic for seemingly no reason at all. It's best to not leave workers unattended when they come out to your house.

A Question and Plea to the Satanists
Do you think it's fun to hurt other people? Do you enjoy watching others suffer? Do you like to see them sick and in pain? Do you enjoy preying on the weak, the defenseless, the poor, hurting, and broken down? What if someone came along and made you suffer, or your parents, brothers, sisters, or other family or friends? What if someone tormented and tortured you and you had no idea where it was coming from? Would you like that? If not, please stop what you are doing. It is not too late. Please turn back to God and worship him, what you were created for. You will have to stand before the Lord one day, and woe to you on that day if you do not turn and repent.
Luke 17:2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

If you bought into Satan's lies that you will rule and reign with him after he defeats God, his creator, you are deceived and will be enjoying eternity with him in Hell. It's that simple. Our time on earth is a grace period, a last chance if you will, to choose good over evil. The creator has been generous enough to give us this time and opportunity to choose who we will serve here, but make no mistake, the Creator, who can go forwards and backwards in time, knows the beginning from the ending, can see all sides of a thing at the same time, will not be outdone by his creation, and that includes Satan, his demons, and the satanists. Turn and repent while you have breath in your lungs, God can turn off your heart and life at any time, do it before you are called to judgment.

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