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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.

ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgPart 18 Hiding the Truth

They Really Don't Want You to Know
One reason this information will be so ridiculed is because it proves so many things. Putting this information to the test proves Christ, Satan, and his demons are all real, in a real way we can all understand. Satan and his demons will work hard to keep you from reading and comprehending this material, they may create distractions for you, making it difficult to focus, creating health issues and other obstacles. Your closest family and friends may mock and ridicule you for even entertaining the idea. Internet trolls will surely do their part to deter you from considering this information. The demon's assignment is to hide the truth and blind us to it. We all have demons, it is part of what happened in the garden and the fall, our lives and the demonic became intertwined. It's our job to kick them out and not allow them to run rampant. Most people have many demons if they have not gone through deliverance and do not maintain a routine of deliverance and spiritual hygiene. Christians can have just as many demons or more than non-Christians because few are following Jesus command to cast them out today. Satan and his demons are at home in today's churches and other religions. We live in a world where they are running many things. They are in control because the Christians are doing nothing to fight back in a way that actually works (spiritual warfare). Satan will work hard to discredit what you are about to read. The information on this page is the truth.
A Difficult Truth
Cognitive Dissonance is a term used to describe what happens when new information conflicts with existing beliefs. That is likely to happen to anyone who is about to try to understand this material for the first time. Many people don't believe in God, and those that do may not believe in Jesus Christ, Satan, and demons, so for many people, especially atheists or agnostics, this could be a huge challenge to their world view. The people who will prove this material will be those who believe in Christ and his word with childlike faith. The dark kingdom is counting on your cognitive dissonance kicking in.



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