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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.

ChemtrailsAreDemonic.org11.1 Going on the Offensive

Taking the Fight to the Enemy

Once you gain experience and have success praying against the demonic chemtrail planes, clouds, and the hum in your area, you can take that knowledge and pray against the enemy in an offensive, rather than defensive way.

The most important thing is to clear your area of these demonic entities. After that has been done, if you have a nice clear day without them in your sky, you can then turn your attention to offensive prayers.
We can do this by taking advantage of modern technology. Through the live webcams throughout the world, we can visually track the presence of the enemy and pray against them wherever they may be. Through experience, God honors these prayers and these web cams are just as good as being there in person. That means that you can pray all day long against these demonic entities anywhere in the world without leaving your computer or tablet, helping God's people to be free from the demonic grip that is closing in around this world.
That means that prayer against these entities works in real time, as long as you have an up to date picture of them in your area. The demonic clouds and chemtrails in the web cam image become your target. The only limitation is that the picture must be relatively up to date. So if you are looking at a web cam from an hour ago, that will not work. It needs to be representative of what is there at the present moment. So you ideally, we choose a web cam that is a live view if possible. If that is not possible, something within 5-10 minutes is generally acceptable, reflecting what is most likely still present in the spirit world at the time.
Where Should We Pray Against the Demons First?
It makes sense to pray against the demonic presence (demonic clouds, chemtrails) in the major metropolitan centers and places of government of the world, since these have a great influence on the events that happen in our daily life. That means national capitols, state capitols, and major cities. Thankfully, many webcams are available in these areas.

In the United States, it makes sense to pray against the demonic presence in Washington D.C. (Government), New York (Financial Capital), and California (culture creation) primarily. There are several good live webcams available there. Other places around the world would be London, Moscow, Rome, etc.
Find webcams that are meaningful to you and then man the battle stations daily, praying against the demonic presence in your area. You can even have multiple tabs with multiple webcams open in your browser, and switch back and forth, praying rapidly against the demons.
How Do We Pray Using Webcams?
How do we pray using webcams? Just as we pray in real life, put on your spiritual glasses, see the demonic clouds and chemtrails, target them, and bind and loose angels rapidly using shorthand prayers and praying without ceasing. You will be successful. What is interesting here is, if you set up a screen capture program, such as Camtasia, to record the webcam as you pray, you can visually see that in time, the demonic clouds and presence is defeated. It is visually confirmed, and very satisfying, to know that God has given us the power to remove the demons from our world in such a way. Post your progress and videos online and help the world to learn this essential truth.

Download the Multicam App.
What is it? The Multicam web app is a tool developed to help observe and pray against the demonic chemtrails wherever they may be in the world. It is essentially a webcam and satellite image aggregator and manager. It facilitates the quick creation, organization, and viewing of catalogs of links to live images. It allows the user to watch and refresh live images in a way that is not available anywhere else, because no website currently exists that aggregates and hosts all available live satellite and webcam images and links them together in one place. It allows the user to sort and organize images to their liking and create unlimited categories and lists. Since it is web based, it works on any platform that can run a web server, windows, mac, and linux.
Click to download Multicam (Windows, Mac, Linux)

chemtrails are demonic cover sun

Tracking the Movement of the Enemy Throughout Our World
With modern technology, there is much at our fingertips to turn the tide against the darkness in the world. Using these latest developments, we can track and pray against the enemy in different time zones. For example, if you are bored in the evening, why not fire up a web cam from a country where it is daylight, in a different time zone, and attack them there? You can do this with your family and friends. You will be successful in Jesus' name.

In addition to monitoring the demonic presence through webcams, we can use satellite imagery. Learn to spot the criss-cross of the chemtrails in the satellite data. Also, monitor the sun for demonic orbs and entities draining energy from the sun.

chemtrails are demonic cover sun

Current Live Sattelite Data  
West Coast Color (Latest) - Infrared - Visible - RealEarth Infrared - RealEarth Color
Western Pacific Color
East Coast Color (Latest) - Infrared - Visible - RealEarth Infrared - RealEarth Color
Atlantic Color
US Color
Sun and Moon Location Site 1 - Site 2
Sun Sattelite Data Helioviewer - NASA Soho Data (Latest) (Latest 48 Hr animated)

Below are a list of webcam sites to help you get started. The Multicam web app is a helpful tool to collect webcams you are interested in tracking.

Camera Sites

WebCamGalore Map
Weather Underground Map
Skyline WebCams
EartCam Map
Bloom Sky Map
Webcams.Travel - Map
World Cam - Map
Panomax - Map
Deckchair - API
North American Weather Network
Set Up Your Own Webcam
You can purchase a relatively inexpensive webcam to monitor the sky in your own backyard. Set it up to point at the sky, primarily where the sun is. Ideally, you want one pointed to where the sun rises in the east, one overhead at noon, and where the sun sets in the west. You can buy these relatively inexpensive cameras to track the sun throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. This way, you can monitor the sky without having to be outside. As soon as the demonic chemtrails or clouds try to attack the sun or sky, loose God's angels to pray against them rapidly through binding and loosing with shorthand prayers and praying without ceasing.


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Download the Multicam App.
This is a web script developed to help observe and pray against the demonic chemtrails wherever they may be in the world. It is free to download, distribute, and use. Click to download Multicam (Windows, Mac, Linux) [Mirror] [Mirror]

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