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ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgPart 6 Demonic Clouds  
Demonic Clouds
The spiritual connection between the clouds above the earth and the demons and has not always been obvious. The scientific explanation of the different cloud types makes sense. Most people accept the idea that at varying altitudes different cloud types exist due to changes in atmospheric conditions and go about their day. With the advent of the chemtrails in the last decade it has become apparent that there is something more going on than meets the eye, especially as it concerns the clouds in the stratosphere (the second heaven in the Bible). Due to the relentless chemtrail spraying operations, those responsible have shown their hand and drawn much attention to this region of the sky. Through prayer, it has become apparent that the demons also occupy a certain amount of clouds in the first heaven, or troposphere, as well. The chemtrails and the resulting demonic clouds visually dissolve in the sky and eventually completely disappear when attacked with spiritual warfare prayers in Jesus' name. Due to this fact, we know that there is a spiritual connection between these types of clouds and the spiritual realm.

Learning to See With Spiritual Glasses
When looking at the demonic clouds, it is important to put on spiritual glasses. First, learn how to visually distinguish between the demonic clouds and the natural clouds. Then, when you step outside and you see a sky full of demonic clouds, think of an overlay of demonic spirits on top of them. Once you learn to see the sky in this way, your view of the world will change completely. You will realize how late the hour is, and why 1 John 5:19 states that "the whole world lieth in wickedness."
Why we pray without ceasing
The Three Heavens
The demonic clouds primarily exist in the region of the atmosphere above the earth known Biblically as the second heaven. Scientists have named this region the Stratosphere. These clouds exist high above the first heaven. The scientific name given to the first heaven is the Troposphere. It is interesting to note that in a dialogue between Win Worley and a demon during a deliverance session, the demon mentioned that the prayers of the people had shut down the "headquarters" overhead. It is very important to understand that this demonic headquarters exists in the second heaven, or Stratosphere, over our heads. The second heaven is the headquarters of the demonic powers.

Clouds as Vehicles in Scripture
The clouds in our world appear to be the physical representation of something in the spiritual realm that we cannot see with our eyes. This is verified by scripture, where clouds are mentioned as a type of spiritual transport, or vehicle. Some scripture references to clouds as transport include: Exodus 34:5, Numbers 11:25, Isaiah 19:1, Daniel 7:13, Mark 9:7, Luke 9:34, Luke 21:27, Acts 1:9, Rev 1:7, Rev 14:14. These scriptures primarily refer to the Lord and angelic beings using clouds as vehicles. Since the demonic entities also exist in the same spiritual world, it stands to reason that they move around in clouds as well.

It seems unlikely that the Lord and his angels would use the same clouds for transport as Satan, the fallen angels, and the demonic entities. With this in mind, we may conclude that it is likely that the "good clouds" and the "evil clouds" do not look the same and have different characteristics. The Bible tells us that there is a clear division between light and darkness, and there is no mixture. With this in mind, it becomes possible to classify certain types of clouds as "evil" and others as "good" based on their physical appearance and response to prayer. Study this page carefully to learn how to visually identify the demonic clouds and distinguish them from the good clouds. If you are still having trouble deciding if you are looking at a good cloud or a bad cloud, pray against it with spiritual warfare. If it does not respond, it is a good cloud. If it dissolves, it is an evil, demonic cloud. Nothing bad can occur if you pray against a good cloud accidentally.
Psalms 104:3 ..."who maketh the clouds his chariot"

Jeremiah 4:13 "Behold, he shall come up as clouds, and his chariots shall be as a whirlwind: his horses are swifter than eagles."

These are references to good clouds. It is possible the demonic entities in the second heaven clouds are referred to in Jude 1:12 ..."clouds they are without water." The second heaven clouds in the stratosphere do not appear to deliver rain of any sort, but are the source of much evil in our world, as this scripture points out.

chemtrails are demonic 3 prong attack

The animated image above gives a good example of the two distinct regions of the atmosphere above the earth. The first heaven is the home of the good, large, puffy clouds, while above, the second heaven contains the stringy, web-like demonic clouds. You can see them moving in different directions. The demonic clouds in the second heaven have an intelligence and move of their own accord.
Identifying the Demonic Cloud Types
It is important to study the sky daily and learn to distinguish between the good clouds and the demonic clouds. The demonic clouds exist both in the second heaven and the first heaven. Study the examples below and learn to understand what is going on in the spirit realm when you see specific cloud types overhead. 
Demonic Clouds in the Second Heaven

Demonic clouds in the second heaven are characterized by the following qualities. Evil clouds appear as luminous, almost self illuminated, pure white, lifeless, stringy, volume-less, and thin. They are web-like in appearance, and often appear to be spider like, or to have tentacles. Evil clouds and skies appear to be the result of the Satanic, demonic, witchcraft chemtrail operations. Evil skies are characterized by a bright white haze. Good skies are characterized by saturated blue and light blue horizons. Good clouds are puffy, soft, and cotton candy like in appearance. See below for examples from the ground and from the satellite views (note, the ground view and satellite views do not correspond):
Why we pray without ceasing

Why we pray without ceasing

Now that you know what the demonic clouds look like from the satellite view, why not go track them down? Where are they in the world today? Where are they going next? What trouble has been caused by their presence? Have a look for yourself and see if you can identify them on NASA World View and Real Earth. Once you do, BBB BBB BBB Bind just like when you see them from the ground below. Will you stop them through prayer using the mighty weapons the Lord has promised us before they can cause trouble in your state or nation?
Demonic Cloud Banks in the Second Heaven
Demonic cloud banks appear as dense, bright white masses in the sky, often on the horizon. These demonic cloud banks are characterized by bright white haze. These accumulations of demonic entities appear to be the "home base" from which the chemtrails emerge. The chemtrails can often be observed shooting out from the larger demonic cloud bank. See examples of demonic cloud banks below.
Why we pray without ceasing
Demonic Clouds in the First Heaven, or Troposphere
While the Second Heaven seems to be the primary domain of the demonic entities, it is important to understand that not all clouds that exist in the First Heaven, or Troposphere, are "good clouds." There seem to be three observable types of First Heaven clouds. They are: the purely good clouds, the good clouds that have demonic components, and the purely demonic clouds.

3 Types of First Heaven Clouds

Type 1 - Purely Good Clouds. The good clouds are easy to spot due to their pleasant appearance. These are characterized by soft, transparent edges and a voluminous structure.

Type 2 - Good Clouds with Some Demonic Attachments. The good clouds with demonic attachments seem to have been "possessed," for lack of a better term. These clouds need to be freed from the demonic entities that have hijacked them. They can be identified by their jagged, sharp edges that are slightly more dense than natural cloud edges. These jagged demonic components wrap themselves around the softer clouds underneath.

Type 3 - Purely Demonic Clouds. When you spot one of these, you may notice that they look out of place due to their luminous, bright appearance and crisp, jagged edges. As you start to rapidly pray shorthand prayers without ceasing against these clouds, they will in a short period of time, break up and eventually completely disappear. They are often low hanging, and often isolated, either by themselves or in a small cluster. They do usually exist as part of a larger group of clouds. The purely demonic clouds in the first heaven can be completely defeated through prayer. That means that by the time you are done praying, they have completely disappeared.

First Heaven Type 1 - Good Cloud Examples
God's clouds are puffy, soft, and cotton candy like in appearance. They have transparent edges. Below is an example of good, low-lying clouds rolling into an area. Can you see the difference between the good clouds and the demonic clouds?
Why we pray without ceasing
The example below contains more good clouds. They are puffy and soft, like a cotton ball, or cotton candy. They do not have crisp, jaggy edges that are found on the demonic clouds.

Why we pray without ceasing

First Heaven Type 2 - Good Clouds With Some Demonic Components Examples
Good clouds with some demonic attachments. Can you see the jagged, crisp edges on the clouds? They are highlighted in red. These are the demonic components which can be removed through prayer. When you see these in the first heaven, pray against them until these crisp edges dissolve and the natural clouds are freed from the demonic control. See examples below.
Why we pray without ceasing
Why we pray without ceasing
Why we pray without ceasing

First Heaven Type 3 - Purely Demonic Cloud Examples
Why we pray without ceasing

chemtrails are demonic 3 prong attack

Demonic Entities in the Clouds
Sometimes demonic entities in the form of orbs can be observed in the clouds, as in the example below. This particular cloud fits into the second category of first heaven Clouds: good clouds with some demonic attachments.

Chemtrails are demonic

Demonic Clouds and Weather Control
The first heaven clouds that have been hijacked by the demonic entities can be controlled by them. They seem to have the ability to steer the clouds in directions that are opposite of the natural wind direction. When prayed against, the demonic entities are cleared out from these clouds, and then they will move in the direction that the wind is blowing in. When you hear governments of the world talk about controlling the weather, it is likely that they have resulted to occult means to do so. That means that they are likely employing dark powers to accomplish their desire to control life on earth. This picture is bleak, but there is hope. The good news is that God, who knows the past, present, and the future, knew that this would happen when he created the universe, and has provided a way out. The answer to the demonic control grid that surrounds the earth is the keys of the Kingdom, binding and loosing, and praying shorthand prayers without ceasing to loose his warring angels to attack the demonic presence.
Identifying Satanic Demonic Witchcraft Clouds in Satellite Images
When you are standing outside and you observe demonic clouds, what do those look like from the satellites above the earth? It is important to be able to visually distinguish between the good natural clouds and the evil clouds both from the ground and from satellite images. Study and learn how to identify the satanic demonic witchcraft clouds in satellite images. This is important to understand and apply in order to pray effectively in an offensive way. We need to be able to connect the dots between what these entities look like on the ground and from the satellite view above. The satanic, demonic, witchcraft clouds typically look striated, spider-like, with long tentacles. You can frequently see the long chemtrail shapes emerging from them. They also typically have a hazy, web-like appearance. These demonic clouds operate in the second heaven above the natural clouds. They are able to move independently of the underlying first heaven clouds. You may typically observe these clouds floating over the underlying natural clouds, traveling in different directions. It appears that these entities move around the world to create as many problems for life on earth as possible. They hate humanity and want to do whatever they can to kill, steal, and destroy.

Using services like NASA World View and Real Earth you can observe where the enemy is on planet earth and pray against them daily. You can use the same techniques that are described on this site to pray against the demonic clouds in satellite imagery. Think of the grid around the clouds and pray, BBB BBB BBB Bind. It is critical to observe the movement of these spirits, which are represented by these types of clouds, and pray against them.

Where are they now? Where are they headed? If they are headed to your state or country, pray without ceasing and ask for the Lord to remove them. Where there is trouble on planet earth, these types of clouds can usually be observed. If you have time, go back throughout the last decade and pick out some important tragedies: natural disasters, fires, shootings, riots, terrorist actives, etc. Are these clouds present? With the NASA World View program, you can quickly observe what the satellites saw on any particular day. Simply enter the date you want and the location of the event you are interested in. These clouds have recently been observed at the same time as the recent wildfires in northern and southern California in October 2017.

We have the amazing ability to observe and track the enemy throughout the world thanks to developments of satellite imagery. If we do not use this information to our advantage in spiritual warfare, then we are missing out on a huge opportunity to strategically pray before they can do the most damage. If you see demonic clouds off the coast of your country headed towards your state or nation, praying in advance will make a huge difference. By the time they do arrive, if they make it that far, they will be severely weakened and not able to inflict the damage and chaos that would have occurred without prayer and spiritual warfare.

A good habit to get into would be to check the state of these clouds daily, when you wake up in the morning, throughout the day, and then when you go to sleep. Observe where they are and where they are going. Attack them with spiritual warfare. Help the people in other lands and other regions by attacking the enemy wherever they are. BBB BBB BBB Bind. Pay special care to when they approach your area, and especially your nation's capitol.

Chemtrails are demonic


Chemtrails are demonic


Chemtrails are demonic

Three Features to look for that Identify the Demonic Clouds
There are three main features to look for when tracking the demonic clouds, either from the ground or in satellite images. The first main feature to look for is striated, fishbone like, with tendrils or tentacles, usually traveling in groups. The second type has the long "chemtrail" bands that often criss cross in groups. The last type is a white haze that looks like a spider web. Often this haze also contains the other two types, so you will frequently see the first, striated type, and the second, chemtrail type, emerge from the larger demonic cloud mass web. Do not forget that the demonic cloud layer is in the second heaven, or stratosphere, which is high above the first heaven or troposphere, so from satellite images, they may be over top of some "good clouds" which is a kind of camouflage that masks their presence.

When you take a look at the satellite images for each day, it is staggering to realize just how great the evil is in this world. If we do not continue to attack attack attack aggressively with prayer, we will continue to be victims of evil.

Demonic cloud prayer strategies
The first point of importance is to pray the demonic clouds out of your local area. If you are serious about fighting the demonic presence, then you need to remove their power base in your location, otherwise they will use it to continue to attack you each day and night. It is useless to attack the demons elsewhere if you do not address those in your area first. Otherwise, you will not be able to stand in the fight for very long before the pressure overwhems you and those you care about. This is very similar to the concept of being on an airplane when the plane looses oxygen. The first thing you are to do is take care of yourself so that you may then help others less capable. If you are taken out, then you will be no use to anyone. So diligently pray each day until the demonic presence in your area diminishes, then start to expand the area out until you reach the border of your state or nation.

Once your area is clear, diligently pray every day, morning and evening, and more if necessary, to establish angelic walls of protection around your state and nation. The key here is to pre-emptively strike. Do not wait until the clouds reach you, bind and loose each day in the web cameras and satellite images around your nation. Do you see demonic entities approaching on satellite? Pray well in advance to head them off before they can invade. How do you do this exactly? Through webcams, and satellite images. Each day, pray through each web cam image. BBB BBB BBB Bind. Move to the next one. BBB BBB BBB Bind. Keep going until you have prayed through all of your webcam images. Then move to the satellite view. Do you see demonic clouds in your area, or approaching your area? Pray BBB BBB BBB Bind over them. Take your time. You will not see instant results when praying satellite images, but in a 24 hr period, you will notice some very good results.

It is important to understand that if there are witches, warlocks, satanists and occultists in your area, their power base is located in the second heaven. While they can still inflict damage without the presence of the demonic clouds, their attacks will be much less severe. Attacking the second heaven demonic entities effectively diminishes the power of the occult world in your location or wherever you are praying.
Tracking the Demonic Clouds
You can use the satellite imagery provided by the governments of the world to know when a demonic cloud mass is headed your way. You may experience nice weather with no demonic entities for a few days, and then all of a sudden, they will flood your area. Why? Because they move in the second heavens, and are not land locked. You may have successfully prayed the demonic entities out of your area, but it does not mean that others will not try to move in to fill the space. When you are looking at satellite imagery, look for the criss-cross of the chemtrail spray. This is a sure sign that they are headed your way. If you can find an up to date satellite image, within the last hour or so, you can pray against the demons from this image just as you can in real life, or through web cams. Pray against them through satellite imagery, especially if they are headed your way. You can check the links below to get started.


Current Live Satellite Data  
West Coast Color (Latest Still Image) - Infrared - Visible - Short Wave - Ice Reflective - Albedo - Fog Reflectivity- RealEarth Infrared - RealEarth Color - NASA World View Color (set correct date)
Western Pacific Color (Latest Still Image) - NASA World View Color (set correct date)
East Coast Color (Latest Still Image) - Infrared - Visible - Short Wave - Ice Reflective - Albedo - Fog Reflectivity - RealEarth Infrared - RealEarth Color - NASA World View Color (set correct date)
Atlantic Color (Latest Still Image ) - NASA World View Color (set correct date)
US Color (Latest Still Image) - NASA World View Color (set correct date)
Sun and Moon Location Site 1 - Site 2

Interactive Weather Maps
Weather Underground

Real Earth - Map with satellite Data
Weather Satellite Images
West Coast USA - Visible - Infrared - Water Vapor
East - Visible - Infrared - Water Vapor
SSEC - Data - Browser
SSEC - Real Time Composite - 7 Day movie
MODIS today - Past days
NWP Satellite

Praying Against the Demonic Clouds
Look for the demonic clouds in your area. Do you see them in the Second Heaven, as a demonic cloud bank, or spider web type cloud? What about in the First Heaven, do you see any demonic components on the natural clouds? If so, attack them with spiritual warfare prayers, rapidly praying without ceasing using shorthand prayers until God's angels have completely defeated them.

Why we pray without ceasing


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