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ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgPart 4 Chemtrail Questions and Answers
Chemtrails Questions and Answers

Q. What is a contrail?

A. Contrails are trails of water vapor emitted by aircraft flying at high altitude. They appear under certain temperatures and atmospheric conditions and dissipate quickly. Contrails are natural phenomena. On the average day, most passenger jets do not emit any form of contrail. If they do, they usually disappear rapidly. Most of the trails that we see in the sky today are not contrails.

Q. What is a chemtrail?
A. Chemtrails are the name investigators have given to describe the persistent trails that we see in the sky, in an attempt to distinguish them from naturally occurring contrails.

Q. What is difference between the two?
A. Contrails have a very short trail that evaporates and disappears rapidly. Chemtrails linger and spread out across the sky. Chemtrails block the sun, creating a dreary environment, and often white out the entire sky. The term "chemtrail" does not accurately describe these entities, since they are not entirely man made, but are spiritual with physical manifestations.

Chemtrails are demonic

Q. Tell me more about these entities.
A. The entity in the image above is not a plane.
They appear to have two modes of operation. A "traveling mode" and a "deployment mode." This will become more apparent through further study.

When the entities are in "traveling mode," it is easier to accept them as natural planes emitting water vapor contrails, because they look similar. In "traveling mode," the trail they emit is not persistent, adding to the misconception that they are passenger jets emitting contrails. It is only when the entities go into their "deployment mode" that it becomes clear that they are spreading something evil.
Q. How can we identify these demonic entities?
A. One way to spot a demonic plane is by the color of the contrail. If it is unnaturally bright white, appearing self-illuminated (like the clouds they emit), then it is demonic. Natural vapor trails are softer and blend in with the sky, just like natural clouds.
Q. What is the purpose of these entities?
A. The entities appear to have two purposes. First, they serve as a rapid positioning and transport system for the demonic entities (when they are not spraying). Secondly, they function as a mass deployment system of demonic entities around the world (when they are spraying).

When you see the short tail version of this entity, as in the image above, you are seeing its "traveling" mode, when it is moving from one location to another for positioning.

Chemtrails are demonic

When these entities are in their "deployment mode," as in the image above, their trail becomes longer and billows out the demonic clouds. This is what is commonly referred to as chemtrail spray. In truth, they are distributing what will become demonic clouds.

You can think of the chemtrails as a means of quickly moving demonic clouds, demons, and troops around planet earth, positioning and deploying them to carry out different assignments where needed. When trouble is afoot on planet earth, look overhead. Do you see signs of the demonic clouds?

Q. So if it is not a plane, what is it?
A. It is not exactly clear if the transport and delivery system is a demonic entity itself or some form of occult technology. The plane representation has been proven to be an illusion, so we can rule out that as an option. Whether a hologram, or some other form of advanced technology, the image below clearly rules out the idea that these are planes.

Whatever it is, it acts as a kind of airborne troop carrier, dropping demonic entities on the enemy (humanity). A more accurate name for the chemtrails might be "demonic transport and delivery systems." Without knowing all the details, what is more important is that spiritual warfare prayers to Jesus Christ stop them completely.


Q. Have these things always been here?
A. It seems likely that the demonic clouds have always been present on earth as part of the fallen world, but the "chemtrail" (the entity responsible for moving and deployment of the demonic clouds) seems to be a recent development, only appearing in the late 90's.

As the world increasingly rejects God, it becomes a darker place, and the dark powers grow stronger. This explains the increase of the demonic clouds and chemtrail activity. Christians need to aggressively pray against the demonic presence in order to stem the rising tide of darkness. Jesus commanded those called by his name to occupy until he returns. We have a mandate to stand up to evil in all forms from our Lord.
Q. Don’t some investigators suggest that chemtrails are some kind of secret government geo-engineering project for manipulating the weather or for other nefarious purposes?
A. What we see sprayed in the skies today is not what we are led to believe. Both explanations are wrong, they are not created by natural planes (they are not contrails or chemical spray) and the clouds and spray that covers the sky is not natural.

Q. How do you know this?
A. Because the “planes” and “spray” both respond to prayer to Jesus Christ. That is, when a Christian prays in Jesus' name, they dissipate.

Q. So there is a spiritual component to the planes and their spray?
A. Yes, because they are affected by prayer.

Q. But they look like normal passenger jets, how can they be spiritual?
A. The Bible gives us insight.

Satan is the prince of the power of the air. Ephesians 2.2
Satan is the father of lies. John 8.44
Satan will use signs and lying wonders. 2 Thessalonians 2.9

Satan, the fallen angels and his demons have the power to appear in different forms. While unconventional, it is possible that they could manifest as planes, clouds, birds, and even humans at times. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

It appears that the “contrail” and the “chemtrail” explanations are lies covering the truth behind what is really going on. What we see is not purely physical, it is spiritual with physical manifestations. The clouds are the manifestations, or representations, of something in the spirit world that we cannot see with the naked eye.
The occult world, which is much larger and more pervasive than most people realize, would much prefer you think that the spray is simply a contrail, jet fuel, or a secret government geo-engineering operation than know the truth. If you discover, as others have, that these things are demonic, and can be defeated through prayer, then they have a real problem on their hands. The last thing they want to do is create a situation where it can be proven to the world that Jesus Christ is God, and gives his church authority over such things, and is the only way to have eternal life. Praying against the chemtrails proves just that. This is why this information will be met with much ridicule and mockery, to steer people away from the truth.

Q. What effect does prayer have on chemtrails, planes and their spray?
A. Prayer and song can clear the sun and sky of your area of chemtrail planes and their spray if the Christian knows their position and authority in Christ. The more Christians praying, the greater the effect on the sky.

In all ..things we are more than conquerors through ..[Christ Jesus]. Romans 8:37

The main factor in effectively clearing the sky quickly is loosing enough angels into the environment to rapidly bind up all the demons. Praying without ceasing is necessary to do this.

A Christian's motto for these times could be, "when they spray, we pray." Can you bind and loose 100, 500, 1,000 or more angels into the sky each day to keep them in check? The way to do this is through praying without ceasing and shorthand prayers. If an occultist, witch, warlock or satanist is willing to fast, and pray for hours, will you take a few minutes out of your day to pray against the products of their work?

Q. What is the purpose of the “planes” and “spray”?
A. To exert control over the population under the spray through a form of mind control, inserting demonic influence into and over the population, demonic infestation, oppression, suppression, and possession when possible. They also create various infirmities and sicknesses, mental problems, violence, energy drain and other evil things.

The spray also withholds good things from the people, the sun and the rain, two important ingredients for life, health and happiness. When the demonic clouds are present, God's clouds and blessings are less likely to move through the area. When they sky is completely full of demonic clouds, it is rare to see any natural clouds.

Satan is quietly installing demons in the people of earth for a time when he can use your body as a shell, similar to the movie “Avatar.” Human bodies will (and to an extent already are) the host for the demons. They can remain dormant in you until the time they are needed and you will not know they are there. The more you break God's commands through sin, the more open doors you create in your life for these things to come in and control you.

Q. Who is responsible for summoning and sending these entities?
A. These entities are summoned and sent by the human element of the dark kingdom, satanists, occultists, witches and warlocks. Satan and the demonic realm need a human to agree to actually carry out their work here on earth, and these are people who have cast their lot with Satan.

Q. What is fueling the entities?
A. Sin, sacrifices, curses, spells, incantations, portals and witchcraft.

Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withholden good things from you. Jeremiah 5.25

Satan needs blood and sacrifice to operate, and abortion is the number one way he can fuel this operation because it is murder, and a blood sacrifice which occurs daily all over the world, along with the moral decay of society, and turning away from God and his law, and the spread of occult in popular culture.

Q. So sin and transgressing God’s law creates a type of portal for the demons to cross over into our world?
A. Yes. The satanists and occultists of the world use that sin as power and project it out as a form of control. There is no occult power without sin, sacrifice, and transgressing God’s law. Satan and demons want blood, and in return give a degree of power to humans, at a high cost.

Q. Is there anything else abnormal about the planes and spray?
A. Yes.
1) White orbs have been recorded in front of, and around the planes.
2) Planes have been recorded disappearing in thin air.
3) Planes have been recorded turning into balls of light, and vice versa.
4) Many “planes” don’t appear on radar or plane trackers.
5) Planes fly in unnatural formations, directions and speeds.
6) The spray from the planes is erratic, they can spray a small area and then turn the spray off, which would be impossible for a physical jet emitting water vapor.
7) The spray is usually whiter than natural clouds, with tendril like edges, natural clouds are more transparent, and have softer edges.
8) On many occasions, several days will go by without any signs of chemtrail planes. Then, suddenly, they will appear, heavily spraying the sky. This frequently happens on days when the atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) are identical to previous "no spray days." This makes it hard to make the arguement that the spray is a natural component of the jet fuel. If that was true, two atmospherically identical days would produce spray on both days.
9) The chemtrail planes often fly just above "normal" passenger jets, and the passenger jets emit no spray.


chemtrails are demonic 3 prong attack

If you have a good camera with a zoom lens, you can catch the orbs of light that are frequently found around the chemtrail planes. Sometimes they are observable with the naked eye.

Chemtrails are demonic

The above example is of an orb (demon) flying around a cloud. It seems that the chemtrails are a kind of delivery system for the demonic clouds. Original video found here.

chemtrails are demonic 3 prong attack
Here we see a group of three chemtrails that all seem to originate from the same source. This image raises many questions. Would any commercial airport launch planes in this configuration? Is the airport even in this location? The answer to both questions is no. Based on the trails decay rate, it appears they were all launched at the same time, how would this be possible? Looking at the origin point, it also looks like they were sent into the air well above the ground, and not from a conventional airport runway.

Q. Do the orbs shape-shift into the planes?
A. Yes, it appears that way.

Q. What are the orbs?
A. The orbs may be a kind of demon, but it seems more likely they are a form of occult technology used to distribute the demonic clouds over the sky. Without the plane illusion, smoke would billow out with no source, which would raise many questions. Because of the plane illusion, people don't think twice about it. That said, it seems most likely that the orbs are generating the plane illusion are there to transport the demons around planet earth for deployment where needed.

Q. What is the spray?
A. The spray appear to be physical manifestation of lower demonic spirits.

Q. You mean the clouds are actually demons?
A. Yes, it appears that way. The spray and resulting clouds seem to be the physical manifestation of demonic spirits, not to be confused with God’s natural clouds. Once you study them and learn to spot them, you will learn to discern between God’s clouds and Satan’s demonic clouds. Satan is the prince of the power of the air, and his demons work in the second heaven (our sky).

Win Worley was taped dialoging with a demon, and the demon complained that the prayers of the people were doing damage to the "headquarters" overhead. This was likey a reference to the second heaven clouds.

chemtrails are demonic 3 prong attack

If you observe carefully, you will begin to notice that this "second heaven" cloud layer, with the chemtrail (demons) and demonic cloud masses moves separately from the natural clouds below. Usually the demonic second layer remains static while the natural clouds below move. If you begin to attack the second heaven through prayer, it will start to move out and break up, eventually clearing out completely in some cases.

When indoors, the presence of the demonic clouds is also the source of "the hum," which has been a mystery to people the world over. If you can hear the hum indoors, you know that the demonic clouds are outside. The louder the hum, the stronger the demonic presence in the area. There is only one suitable course of action to take, and that is to attack the enemy and pray without ceasing. Attack, attack, attack, and then attack some more with binding and loosing. We must use the keys to the kingdom, or become victims of evil, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

chemtrails are demonic anim

chemtrail examples
chemtrails are demonic

Learn to spot a demonic cloud mass. The area in red is the demonic cloud mass, the other clouds are natural clouds. When you see these in the sky, attack them with spiritual warfare, just like we attack the chemtrail demonic planes. They respond to prayer, and will eventually breakup and move out if you keep at it. Attack, attack, attack, and then attack some more. Bind and loose until you see results using the prayers on this page. Neither the demonic clouds or the chemtrail planes have any place in our world.

Q. How do I identify the demonic clouds?
A. Evil clouds and skies are the result of the satanic, demonic witchcraft chemtrail operations. Evil clouds are pure white, lifeless, stringy, volumeless, and thin. Evil skies are characterized by bright white haze. Good skies are characterized by blue and light blue horizons. God's clouds are puffy, soft, and cotton candy like in appearance.

Many years ago, it wasn't obvious that the demonic clouds existed in the second heavens. The scientific explanation that these were natural cloud types seemed acceptable. With the advent of the chemtrails, it has become more obvious that there is something unnatural about the second heaven clouds. Since they leave when you attack them with spiritual warfare prayer, we know there is a spiritual component to them.
chemtrails are demonic 3 prong attack

Q. What happens when the demonic clouds are over a community?
A. Satan can drop his demons down into the people and manipulate and control them more effectively. They might exploit sin in your life to instigate a fight with your family, friends, spouse, violence, etc., taking control over a person and getting them to do something they would not ordinarily do to further Satan’s goal of killing, stealing, and destroying you.

Q. How do the planes work?
A. If you observe carefully, there are several ways these devils operate.
1) They start spraying.
2) Frequently, they will go back over the same trail they sprayed a few minutes ago to try to hide the fact that they are laying down multiple trails.
3) They will spray behind the natural clouds until they have built up a sufficient mass, and then the demonic cloud will “move out” from behind the natural clouds.
4) They will try to cover the sun as their prime target.
5) They will often spray “X”’s over a house of a target, like a Christian.
6) They will spray in grid patterns .
7) Once they have built a perimeter, the can stop the rain, block natural clouds from moving, and stop rain from falling.

chemtrails are demonic cloud seeding

In this example, the chemtrail plane was making small oval loops, which then turned into a cloud mass. This example clearly demonstrates that these are not planes, but something else entirely with its own motives and intelligence. A conventional plane would not be able to slow down, stop, and make sharp turns in a small space as was the case here.

chemtrails are demonic cover sun

If you observe carefully, the sun is always the primary target of the chemtrail spray. They will frequently wait until they are very close to the sun to turn on the spray.

One theory is they are blocking the rays from the sun. Jesus is life, and in him was the light of men. Jesus of course is not the sun, but it make sense that since the sun is the source of life on earth, they would want to block it. Have you noticed you feel better on days when the spray isn't blocking the sun? Another theory is that they are taking the energy from the sun that belongs to you and I and using it to power their operations, strengthening the chemtrails and demonic spray. Every day you don't pray against them, they grow stronger.

Satanic X

The Satanic X sprayed over a house. Why spray an X? Because the X is a portal (X marks the spot), and if this is over your area it means they are attacking you and you may not even know it. These are common over the houses of people that have been targeted by the satanic realm, witches, demons and satan. If you are seeing this over your house, you need to study this page intensely, and fight back before it's too late for you. They will take you and your family out if they can, anything to make you ineffective at serving the Lord.

Q. Is there a difference between the planes and the spray?
A. The “planes” seem to be distributing demonic entities over the sky. Demons have the ability to make copies, or clones of themselves. For example, there are many “Jezebel” spirits in people, but there is only one main Jezebel spirit, the great whore in Revelation, the goddess.

Q. There is a lot of spraying going on in my area, what does that mean?
A. It means there is a high level of occult, witchcraft, and demonic activity going on in your area.
It means that the satanists, occultists, and witches in your area are summoning and sending demons.
It means that the people there are highly oppressed spiritually.
It means that crime rates and violence will be higher.
It means that any Christians in the area will be targeted and under heavy attack, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Most importantly, it means that there is no Christian in your region who will to stand in the gap and pray for the community.
Will you be the one who does?
I looked for a man and found none.

Q. So if I see these things spraying it means that a satanist summoned and sent it? Who are we fighting here?
A. We are fighting principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness, and the humans who have sold their souls for a little temporary power in this world. That includes but is not limited to satanists, occultists, witches, and warlocks. They are deceived, but Satan promises them many things.
Q. What can we do to stop these things?
A. Three things have proven effective, praying binding and loosing prayers without ceasing, singing songs of praise and love to the Lord Jesus Christ, and closing demonic portals.
Q. How do you pray effectively against these entities?
A. Binding & Loosing. Jesus gave us the keys to the kingdom. This is the most important aspect of Jesus teaching that Satan has suppressed in the mainstream churches. Your power as a joint heir with Jesus is the complete power over the enemy.
Q. How do I protect myself and my family from the Satanic realm, human and demonic?
A. The only safe place in this world is the center of God's will [12]. That means that you give your life to Jesus Christ and serve him as Lord and master.

Daily, we should ask God to apply the Armor of God [4], the Blood of Jesus, Hedge and wall of fire and warring and ministering angels around us, our families and friends, and our property.

Q. I don’t believe in God, or Jesus, but if a Christian prays and these things disappear, I guess that means God, Jesus, and Satan are all real?
A. Yes! There are only two powers in this world, God, and Satan. One is the creator, the other is the created. You must choose who you will serve, if you are not serving Jesus Christ, by default you are serving Satan, who only wants to kill, steal, and destroy. Choose wisely. Please consider the basic fact that a creator of something cannot be defeated by its creation. If you are serving Satan intentionally, it’s never too late to turn back to God who will welcome you with open arms. There is no sin that his blood cannot cover. Don’t believe Satan’s lies that he will kill you if you try to come out of the occult, it’s never too late, Jesus is the highest power and if you still have breath in your lungs, God will forgive and save.

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