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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.

ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgPart 10 Action Items
10 Real Things You Can Start Doing Today to Fight the Chemtrails (Demons)
This is a guide to getting started in the fight against the demonic realm. The first steps are simple and easy to incorporate into your life. Even if you stop at step 1, you are still doing damage to the demonic kingdom. If you do not feel comfortable praying shorthand prayers, pray the long form of the warfare prayer or sing the songs on this site.
1) Play Songs
When you see the demonic planes spraying, the demonic clouds, or hear the hum, play the songs on this site. Play them in you home, car, outside, or wherever you may be. Put them on your phone or mp3 player for quick access.
Download MP3 Songs Zip

2) Sing the Songs
The next step is to learn and sing along with the songs. Playing the songs is a good start, but singing along is better. Remember, singing to the Lord creates chaos and confusion in the demonic realm. Pray to the Lord and ask Him to loose angels to amplify the songs across the spirit world into the ears of every demon and human member of the dark kingdom.

3) Pray Warfare Prayers in the Morning and Evening
Next, incorporate warfare prayers into your daily routine. When you wake up in the morning, pray the long version of the warfare prayer on this site. When you go to bed at night, again pray the long version of the warfare prayer on this site. Download Warfare Prayers PDF
4) Pray Warfare Prayers When you See the Demonic Chemtrail Planes

The next step is when you see the planes spraying, again pray the long version of the warfare prayer on this site.

5) Pray the Shorthand Warfare Prayers Without Ceasing
If you are feeling comfortable with steps 1-4 and are ready for more, start to attack the demons rapdily with shorthand prayers without ceasing. Learn how to pray in shorthand. Pray the offensive prayers found in the Pray Without Ceasing section. When you see the planes, attack attack attack persistently. Pursue the enemy until they completely disappear. Bind Bind Bind, Attack Attack Attack. Repeat.

6) Play the Songs and Pray Shorthand Against the Planes at the Same Time
The next step is to combine the songs and the shorthand prayers at the same time. If you are alone, play the songs in the background, in your car, or your phone or mp3 player while you pray. You can switch back and forth between praying and singing if you get tired. If you have more than one person, you can alternate between singing and praying, one person sings while the other prays.

7) Leave the Songs Playing in your Home and Sing Wherever you Go
Leave the songs playing in your home when you are gone. Sing everywhere you go to clear the land from the demonic presence.

8) Seek Out and Paint Over Demonic Portals
Once you are comfortable singing and praying against the demons, seek out the demonic portals that the Satanists have left in your area. It is best to clean these up in a group and not alone. If you must do it alone, be familiar with the defensive prayers on this site in case you come under attack.

9) Walk and Pray and Sing
Go on walks around your area singing and praying to clear the land of demonic influence. Do not fear, you are never alone. Jesus Christ and his angels accompany you wherever you go.

10) Document Your Experiences and Spread this Information

· Time. Document and keep records of the time the chemtrail attacks start, often they start at the same time every morning, afternoon, or evening. Is there a pattern?
· Date. Document the day and month the attacks occur. Often time heavy attacks occur on satanic holy or ritual days, or the 13th of the month. Is there a pattern? Click here for the Satanic Calendar.
· Location. Document the general location of the demonic chemtrail planes. Many times the chemtrail planes are sent from a single point on the horizon which can make it easier to locate the source of the attacks.
· If you have a smart phone with a maps app, take a screen shot of the location the planes are coming from, or use a compass.
· Document these locations whenever possible and see if there is a trend in the source of the attacks, then drive around that area and see if there are any satanic tags, portals, or marks in that area that can be covered. Direct your prayer in that area. Perhaps there are covens or satanic groups operating in that area, try to learn as much as you can.
· Photo and Video. If you have a camera, consider filming the chemtrails and document the effects of prayer and song. Even a smart phone camera will work for getting started.
· When recording time lapse of the planes and spray, a wide angle or fish eye lens with a tripod will work well. GoPro cameras will work for this purpose and you can record 4k time lapse.
· When recording the planes close up, a zoom lens like the Sigma 150-600mm will work well if you have a DSLR .
· Try to capture closeups and examine footage later for signs of orbs (demons) which often can't be seen during filming.

Spread this information to as many people as possible. This website and all of the videos and contents are in the public domain. That means that you are free to copy, share, distribute, and create derivitive works. Consider translating this information into your own language if you can. Create your own website, video, or testimony of your experiences of praying against the demonic chemtrails. Post them online, using social media, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, e-mail, and every means possible to get the word out.

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