Lord, may the protective blood Jesus Christ please cover
"this page" and "website" and "web server" and "every individual" who will individually view it.
May every respective individual ungodly thing that would individually attempt to "transfer from" and also "interfere with" this website in every individual way be bound up,
and depart to wherever Jesus sends you.
May the power of every individual respective curse that is on every one of the individual things previously listed above,
perpetually, individually, and immediately, be nullified by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.
May every respective individual ungodly thing that would
respectively individually blind every individual reader's mind to, the following individual things
the truth and from reading and comprehending this information,
as well as every individual ungodly thing that would keep
this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge be bound and cast out.
In Jesus' name, amen.

God has communicated that he has called certain people to this information.
If you feel that you are one of them,
please consider downloading the following materials,
and then archive them in a safe place.
A printed hard copy, and an archival media such as an optical disc, are the safest options.
If this site is no longer available for any reason,
you will still have a copy of the information.

Please check back for updates,
for the greatest effectiveness,
it is important to stay up to date with the latest prayers,

Prayer Book updated: October seventeen second update - first update was missing files, please do not use the first update for October seventeen. Needs formatting.
Spiritual Warfare Book updated: April Eight.
Scriptures for Printing updated: March Twenty Nine.

Please note:

October Five Update: Please pray the "Prayer" (macro) when you first wake up, and then throughout the day whenever the Lord communicates to you, and also whenever you feel that peace is leaving you and your current location, and also any time that you have thoughts, visions, emotions and feeling throughout your mind and body that you would not like to have. You cannot pray it too many times. If the Lord is warning you to slow down, then it is time to pray "Prayer" (macro).

The other macros categories are important, but are no longer necessary to apply throughout the day. God is guiding the prayers to be as simple as possible. God is doing the hard work, and it is important to appreciate how much He is doing on a moment by moment basis. That is all, only pray "Prayer" and be thankful to the Lord for everything that He is doing. The prayer watches are still very valuable and this does not change the importance of prayer watches.

When you pray, God has shown that it is most effective to hold the right hand in the air with the palm facing upwards. Stand up if you can, and annoint the right hand with annointing oil, and keep your body as straight as possible. When you cannot do this, holding your right hand over your head with the palm facing upward is the second best praying position. God showed that this is allowing the light of Christ to fill your body. Keep the left hand at the left side, vertically below and horizontally behind the right hand. Keep the right foot in front of the left foot, both pointing straight forward. Lead with your right shoulder. Head down, facing the ground slightly, but do not close eyes.

Please do not pray mental prayers. This was an intermediate step in order to understand the need to fill a volume. God has provided the answer to this within the prayers with "cubic square inch". Visualised mental prayers are no longer necessary, and can be dangerous. If you pray mentally, pray words in your mind, but do not think of them as text, speak in your mind. God has shown that this is the best way to avoid problems.

Pray watches.

God has shown that praying throughout the day will help to keep a hedge and shield of protection around you and the world. Pray about every four hours starting at sunrise. Pray a watch every hour and even more frequently if things are not going well. You might set an alarm to notify you when it is time to pray again, especially at night while you are sleeping. There are two parts to the prayers. The first part is speaking the Word of God out loud, to create a spiritual wall of protection around you. Use the King James verison of the Lord's prayer, and Psalm Twenty Three, and Psalm Ninety One, and other Psalms. Use the "copy prayer" macro in the Primary Shield document.

You might pray like this:

Beginning of prayer: Then pray your prayer out loud, standing in the position described above. When done, say "end of prayer". Then say: "copy prayer".

You might do this for each prayer that you speak out loud, throughout the watches of the day and night. Try to speak as peacfully and calmly as possible, without rushing, very softly, slowly and clearly. Try to keep the pitch your voice from going up at the end of each word. In a sense, you are building a spiritual wall with each word of scripture. Try to make each brick of the wall as perfect as possible so that nothing can get through. If you rush or speak in a way that is not completely peacful, your wall might have holes which could allow ungodly things to get through.

God may wake you in the middle of the night to pray a watch. It can make a huge difference in your day if you forget to pray a watch. Things go much better when these kind of prayers are prayed daily. If you know Biblical Greek, God has shown that this language actually has the effect of blinding ungodly things, and is more effective than speaking the King James Bible. Please only use the Textus Receptus version of New Testament Greek, which is what the King James Bible is based on. You can also pray watches silently in your mind. Reading a page of the Greek New Testament for each watch can make a huge difference. The second part of the prayer is to pray by reading the macro prayers that are on the prayer card that is included in the "Everything Macros" document. Read through each item slowly and clearly. Every four hours, or when God calls you to pray, repeat the process.

God has shown that the best way to hold your body throughout the day is to always keep the right hand vertically above the left hand whenever possible, and also keep the right hand in front of the left hand in relationship to your body. especially when praying. The right foot in front of the left foot when standing and sitting. Try to not cross the left and the right side of your body.

Whenever you hear helicopters and planes flying over head, you might consider raising your hand over your head and praying until they depart and you can no longer hear them.

Lord willing, this document will be updated.

With the Lord's help these pages exist not for profit or gain, but as a ministry to God's people with ears to hear and eyes to see, so that they will not be ignorant of satan's devices, so they do not perish for lack of knowledge. Honor, power, and glory to Him who loves us. Jesus Christ is Lord. The entire contents of this website, including all original text, may be copied, and re-posted. Please consider sharing this information according to the Lord's will.